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A Third DUI / DWI Arrest Is A Serious Matter

Hire A NJ DWI Attorney Who Also Covers Plainsboro, NJ DWI Defense Attorney Early On!

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Fight The Conviction And Avoid The Temptation Of Driving With A Suspended License In NJ

If you are facing a third DUI / DWI conviction in NJ, you will be facing some truly frightening consequences. Not only is a third conviction expensive, it is also costly when it comes to your freedom.

It is essential that you hire a Plainsboro, NJ DWI defense attorney early on to represent your case. Don’t go it alone in court and let a third offense risk your freedom.

A third DUI / DWI conviction in NJ can mean the following consequences…

  • A $1,000 fine
  • Imprisonment of at least 180 days in county jail or in a workhouse, 90 days of which can be served through a rehabilitation program
  • Loss of driving privileges for 10 years
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device on your vehicle

Losing your driving privileges makes it quite difficult to hold a job or live what might be considered a normal life. The fines, the costly insurance premium increases, the jail time, and the monitoring of your driving make for an unpleasant experience. Losing your driving privileges for years makes it even worse!

Are you thinking you could sneak? Think driving with a suspended license in NJ might be possible to get you where you need to be? It might be, but driving with a suspended license in NJ will pile on even more fines and punishments if you are caught.

All of this means a third DUI / DWI conviction in NJ will likely leave you feeling helpless. Get the help you need early on. Call an experienced Plainsboro, NJ DWI defense attorney soon after being arrested.

If you want an experienced Plainsboro, NJ DWI defense attorney that will work tirelessly on your behalf, contact Sam Sachs for a free consultation. Call him at or contact him via email at


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